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Tranquil stress relieving music blended with nature sounds, ambient soundscapes for Meditation, Yoga, Reiki Healing. Also available Guided Meditations on Reiki, Pranayama, Mantras, Sound Healing.

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"Sound yoga, also known as music-therapy or sound healing, is a technique in which sounds and vibrations are used to help restore, maintain, and improve one’s state of mind and body. These sounds create a multidimensional energy field, and help generate specific brain waves, resulting in shift in the state of consciousness of the listener who then moves to a deep and relaxed state, the communication between mind, body, and spirit is enhanced, resulting in bliss"
Article on Sound Healing published by composer Sandeep Khurana in Positive Health Online, London and India Currents, California, USA

Download Hindu Mantras, Aum Chants, Saraswati Vandana, Shri Hanuman Chalisa

Resonant vibes, sacred chants and frequencies that help heal the mind, body and the spirit making you feel relaxed, centered and empowered.

"Sandeep Khurana's new age music is filled with gorgeous sounds from nature, such as waterfalls, lilting sounds resembling pipes, and rhythmic chords similar to sitar sounds. This entire symphony of sound induces deep tranquillity and transports you to a place of calm, even serenity. I listened to these tracks after a highly stressful day of publishing deadlines; it didn't take long to work its magic"

- Dr. Sandra Goodman, Phd. Editor Positive Health Magazine, London

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"Music can help overcome anxiety, enhance creativity and optimism. The human brain can be guided to come into resonance with the healthy vibrations. A stronger beat can stimulate the mind, with faster tempos helping to bring more focus, and a slower tempo creating a relatively tranquil state. Sound is found to have profound effect on the subtle energy centers in our body called chakras"
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Download Workout Tracks, Dance Beats and World Rhythms

Elevated & Upbeat Rhythmic Hi Tempo beats blended with soulful melodies for workouts, cardio exercises, dance practice and dance meditations

We are in iTunes Top 100 New Age Charts

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